How To Be A Good Boyfriend? 7 Tips To Make You Better Than Good

How To Be A Good Boyfriend? 7 Tips To Make You Better Than Good

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Of the world’s greatest mysteries, the most sought after, is probably what a girl wants from a relationship. Women might be from Venus and men from Mars, but we’ll still make an attempt here to answer that question and help you be a good boyfriend.

1) Listen

The age old complaint that guys have is that girls don’t take your advice but still dump their problems on you. Let me stop you right there if you agree with this. The fact that you and many guys miss is that girls only want you to listen and be understanding. If they expressly ask for advice, then, by all means, provide what you think is the solution that would work best. Otherwise just be supportive and let her vent.

2) Provide her security

Women love feeling secure in their relationships. Provide her that security she wants by being there for her emotionally or by supporting her in any way she needs. This doesn’t necessarily mean financial support because an independent, working woman might still crave for a shoulder to cry on and as your girlfriend, she will want that shoulder to be yours.

3)  Make her your priority

If you intend to treat her like you do everyone else, then you can say goodbye to a long-term relationship with her. She wants to be treated like she means the world to you because as your life partner, she wants to be put above every other woman in your life. If it does not come naturally to you to prioritize her, then you may need to rethink your whole relationship.

4) Be Honest

No one likes being lied to and the last person your girlfriend would want lying to her is you. So no matter what it is, find the courage, to be honest with her. You must be able to trust and also give her a reason to trust you.

5) Have an independent life of your own

Create a life of your own outside of what you share with her and give her the space to do the same. Clinginess is not an attractive quality so what you need to do is take a step back and let her do her own thing the way she wants to. Trust her to always come back to you at the end of the day. If you feel like you can’t trust her, then the two of you are the wrong people for each other.  

6) Compliment her

Girls love being complimented on anything they do. It can be over how she has made great progress at work or that new hairstyle of hers that you genuinely think is great. The more compliments you give her, the more beauty will come out, from that bright smile she wears on her face. So start complimenting her today!

7) Show affection

You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic or a poet who spouts flowery words to show affection but try to find ways to make her feel your love. It can be really small things like warm hugs in the winter or a kiss on the lips when she least expects it. It can even be doing minuscule things that you know she loves, like that foot rub at the end of her busy work day or a cup of coffee in bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

Eventually, when you have spent years with one person, things tend to settle down a bit. Make sure you don’t let that get to a point where life gets boring with your partner because that’s when disaster strikes.

When your partner gets bored with you or feels like they don’t receive any attention from you anymore, things are bound to get depressing for them. That’s when your relationship becomes vulnerable enough to succumb to outside influences like drugs or other people. What you should do to save your relationship is this:

  • Don’t be the guy who pays other women more attention than your own girlfriend sitting next to you. You’re embarrassing yourself and your girlfriend at this point. If you’re guilty of this, then understand the error of your ways and salvage whatever remains of your relationship before it is too late.
  • If you think there’s fault on her part, let her be the first to know that before you go around complaining about her to your friends or hers. Treat her with respect and honestly tell her what is bothering you.
  • Once you get the girl of your dreams to say yes to you, don’t give up on dating her. Retain some spontaneity in your life and never stop wooing her.

Loving someone takes courage and being courageous is no piece of cake. But we hope this article has made you realize that what you have by your side, your partner, might be someone very special before another person does and whisks your them away from you.

Good luck!

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